‘The Boys’ Showrunner Eric Kripke Actually Regrets Killing Off That One Superhero

TV Line – October 3, 2020 at 11:09AM:


Let’s just start by saying this post will absolutely spoil the seventh episode of Season 2 of The Boys, so if you haven’t gotten your weekly fill of superhero mayhem, maybe save this tab in your browser until you do. You’ve been warned.

The penultimate episode of the show’s second season had a lot of heads exploding once again, as the show continues to ramp up the brutality and shock in a variety of ways. But one of the more unexpected moments of the show was the death of a (former) member of The Seven. TV Line talked to showrunner Eric Kripke (careful: there’s also a spoiler in the story’s URL as well) about the episode and he detailed what the writer’s room was thinking when it decided that Lamplighter, who was introduced in the last episode, needed to go.

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