The Real Reason Ron Perlman Left Sons Of Anarchy

Looper – October 11, 2020 at 11:19AM:

The violent world of FX’s Sons of Anarchy is populated by many, many bad people. Even in light of all that evil company, no one deserved the ugly end they got as much as Ron Perlman’s Clay Morrow. For all the horror Clay dragged SAMCRO through, Perlman’s charismatic performance as the former president of the Redwood Original Charter won him quite a few fans, many of whom were sad to see Morrow go. Series creator Kurt Sutter was aware of this tension at the time he made the decision to permanently cut Perlman loose, and told Entertainment Weekly,

“As much as people say that they want Clay dead, they don’t want Clay dead…They want to see how Gemma feels about betraying Clay. They want to see how Juice feels about betraying. They want to see that play out even though they, in their gut, they know the guy should be dead.”

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