The Super Secretive Star Wars Auditions Process

Collider – May 27, 2021 at 10:47AM:

Ever wonder what it’s like auditioning for one of the biggest film franchises in history?

Let’s ask Kelly Marie Tran. Prior to joining the Star Wars film franchise as Resistance mechanic Rose Tico, Tran was working hard to break through by making her mark in the improv and sketch comedy scene. Little did she know, she was bound for an audition that would send her star soaring in Hollywood via a single film.

How exactly does the process of auditioning for a Star Wars movie even begin? Here’s how it went for Tran:

“I remember getting an email, just like you normally would for an audition, but the email said the project was ‘The Untitled Rian Johnson Project,’ which after a little bit of light Googling, it was pretty clear that he was doing Episode 8.”

As we’ve come to expect from major franchises like Star Wars, the MCU and more, the folks in charge will do everything possible to preserve the mystery until the films are ready for the big screen. Their efforts to keep plot details under wraps doesn’t just apply to us fans; there are also measures in place to keep that information top secret during the audition phase. Tran continued:

“We didn’t get sides to prepare. They wouldn’t even let you have them. So we would get to the audition and then you’d be given these sides that were printed on red paper so that you wouldn’t take them with you.”

Star Wars Auditions: Kelly Marie Tran Details the Super Secretive Process

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