Meet Jim Lindsay, Who Definitely Isn’t A Serial Killer

/Film – May 28, 2021 at 11:55AM:

Dexter is making a comeback to Showtime later this year, and fans are hoping that it will fix the disastrous final season that sent off the serial killer in such a disappointing fashion. The serial killer series revival has already started things off on the right foot by getting rid of that hideous lumberjack beard that Michael C. Hall donned last time, and a new teaser trailer shows Dexter is not only clean-shaven, but he’s trying to live a peaceful life in a small town with a new identity. How long will that last?

Watch: Dexter Revival Trailer

The Dexter revival is in the hands of showrunner Clyde Phillips, who held the same role on the first four seasons of the original series. Phillips is overseeing the story and executive producing with Michael C. Hall and Marcos Siega, who will be directing the show’s return.

‘Dexter’ Revival Teaser Trailer: Meet Jim Lindsay, Who Definitely Isn’t a Serial Killer

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