Coming Up On The Next Thrilling Episode Of Medical Theater

The film and TV industry’s return-to-work protocols have been extended.

The protocols were first established in September in an agreement between the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers and the DGA, SAG-AFTRA, IATSE, the Teamsters and the Basic Crafts.

The Protocols have now been extended indefinitely until “a new agreement is reached,” labor and management are hoping this move will “give them necessary time to negotiate Covid-19 safety agreement modifications.”

I do not know what these people are thinking, however, I can tell you what I see when I go outside and I can not help but notice that the homeless do not wear masks and do not social distance and some how they are not sick, does this mean that the politicians and media are wrong? Or maybe just more lies to the public, in fact due to the economic shutdowns caused by the politicians there are now more homeless people than ever before.

I wonder what the long term health effects will be from constantly breathing in all those synthetic mask fibers? And who will be responsible for the damage caused by forcing mask wearing on people, SAG?

Deadline reports that SAG-AFTRA’s national board of directors, meeting last Thursday, voted 75%-25% in favor of approving a motion that authorizes the union’s staff “to approve requests for mandatory vaccination policies in strict compliance with SAG-AFTRA’s standard parameters for mandatory vaccination policies.”

Reminder if you choose to take an experimental “vaccine” then you are part of someone’s experiment. Forcing anyone for any reason to take any experimental drug is if nothing else extremely evil.

Film & TV Industry’s Return-To-Work Protocols Extended Indefinitely

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