The Most Over-The-Top Moments On *Grey’s Anatomy* Series

Grey’s Anatomy — the longest running television series based on a textbook. But when it comes to the cases the doctors try to deal with, they’re anything but textbook. That’s right, from homemade bazookas to toxic blood, Grey’s Anatomy has done it all. We’re here to talk about the most over-the-top moments on Grey’s Anatomy.

There’s never been any shortage of drama or extraordinary circumstances on Grey’s Anatomy. The long-running medical series has long been a source of bizarre medical cases, from deadly hiccups to a stomach full of doll heads. And not only has the show seen a constantly revolving door of medical marvels, but the doctors have gone through their own share of absurdity, some due to random circumstance, others due to their own personal choices. And of course, there are more than a few parts where the plot just takes an absurd turn for reasons that only made sense in the minds of the show writers.

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