Hello Master Chief *Halo* Series

At last, fans have finally been given their first look into Paramount+’s Halo series. As part of Xbox’s twentieth-anniversary celebrations, the streamer has officially premiered the first trailer for the video game adaptation, a short but exciting hint at what’s to come, highlighting one of the franchise’s most iconic characters before he makes his on-screen premiere in 2022.

The short teaser, featuring nothing more than the scarred back of a faceless actor and audiences’ first look at a live-action version of Halo’s famous armor, is nonetheless a teaser sure to send fans into a tizzy, as an automated voice greets a familiar helmeted face with, “Hello, Master Chief,” and the iconic Gregorian chant from the game’s theme. The voice sounds eerily like the A.I. Cortana — voiced by Jen Taylor, reprising her role from the massively successful video game franchise — and fans can already expect to see American Gods’ Pablo Schreiber fill the role of Spartan-117 when the series hits the streamer next year.

Halo TV Show Trailer Gives Us a Look at Master Chief’s Suit

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