Will Of The People *Muse* Album

Matt Bellamy, Dominic Howard and Chris Wolstenholme are back. Muse has not lost its own muse, as the British band is set to return with “Will of the People,” the trio’s first album in nearly four years, due for release August 26. The way is paved for the 10-song collection by a new single and music video, “Compliance,” out today.

“‘Compliance’ is about submission to authoritarian rules and reassuring untruths to be accepted to an in-group,” Bellamy said in a statement. “Gangs, governments, demagogues, social media algorithms and religions seduce us during times of vulnerability, creating arbitrary rules and distorted ideas for us to comply with. They sell us comforting myths, telling us only they can explain reality while simultaneously diminishing our freedom, autonomy and independent thought. We are not just coerced, we are herded, frightened and corralled to produce a daily ‘two minutes of hate’ against an out-group of their choosing and to turn a blind eye to our own internal voice of reason and compassion. They just need our compliance.”

The video for “Compliance” was shot in Poland by director Jeremi Durand. Although the narrative may not be immediately clear on a first viewing, the band says the storyline was inspired by the film “Looper” and “follows three children wearing masks destroying their future selves in order to escape a dystopian and oppressive world.”

Muse to Return After Four Years With ‘Will of the People’ Album; ‘Compliance’ Video Out Now

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