Actor Michael Rapaport Realizes He Has Been Fooled

Actor Michael Rapaport filmed the moment he realized he was duped into getting the Covid vaccine, which medical experts now say can spread the disease it’s intended to protect against.

In a video posted to TikTok Wednesday, Rapaport said he’d just watched medical pundits now say vaccinated people can transmit Covid, news he was unwilling to come to terms with.

“I just watched Tony Fauci and CNN and Fox tell me that people with the vaccine – vaccinated people – are now spreading the coronavirus,” Rapaport said.

“A couple weeks ago, a couple days ago, I was – yes I’m vaccinated, ‘Yay, I’m vaccinated! Be a hero! Be vaccinated!’ I went from being a hero because I’m vaccinated and now you motherfuckers are calling me a super-spreader? I ain’t no fuckin’ super spreader!”

“Figure this sh*t out,” Rapaport concludes.

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