The Most Over-The-Top Moments On *Grey’s Anatomy* Series

Grey’s Anatomy — the longest running television series based on a textbook. But when it comes to the cases the doctors try to deal with, they’re anything but textbook. That’s right, from homemade bazookas to toxic blood, Grey’s Anatomy has done it all. We’re here to talk about the most over-the-top moments on Grey’s Anatomy.

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How ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Will Tackle COVID-19 Next Season: ‘We’ve Actually Reinvented the Wheel’ (EXCLUSIVE)

TV – Variety – October 1, 2020 at 10:49AM:


Over 317 episodes, “Grey’s Anatomy” has tackled everything from mass shootings to plane crashes. But when the writers’ room for the ABC medical drama convened in June, showrunner Krista Vernoff posed a surprising hypothetical for Season 17: What if the show existed in a world without COVID-19? “I think that people have fatigue of COVID, […]

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