Casting: Zach Braff Is Onboard New Line’s *Moonshot* Film

Moonshot is set in a future where Mars has been terraformed and colonized by the best that humanity has to offer. Two very different college students wind up joining forces and sneaking aboard a space shuttle in order to be united with their significant others who were already sent to Mars.

Zach Braff will be joining the already loaded cast of Cole Sprouse, Lana Condor, Mason Golding, Emily Rudd, and Lukas Gage. Braff has been cast as the mastermind behind the effort to colonize Mars, a visionary entrepreneur.

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Austin Stowell, Lucy Hale ‘The Hating Game’ Rom-Com

Variety – November 10, 2020 at 09:00AM:

Austin Stowell will star opposite Lucy Hale in romantic comedy “The Hating Game,” based on the runaway hit novel by Sally Thorne. Presented at the American Film Market by David Garrett’s Mister Smith Entertainment, “The Hating Game” will commence principal photography on Nov. 21 in Upstate New York.

Austin Stowell to Star Opposite Lucy Hale in Mister Smith Romantic Comedy ‘The Hating Game’

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Paula Beer And Franz Rogowski ‘Undine’ Review

/Film – November 3, 2020 at 11:36AM:

For such a romantic, Christian Petzold sure likes to keep his audience at arm’s length. The German director of alt-history star-crossed romances like the 2018 stunner Transit ventures into folklore with his latest cosmic romance Undine, a chilly, cryptic film that spends most of its runtime searching for a soul. Whether it finds it finds it or not is up for debate, but there’s no question that Undine is a lush, transporting affair whose enigmatic magic laps at your feet and slowly washes over you.

‘Undine’ Christian Petzold’s Modern Fairy Tale Romance Washes Over You

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