It’s Ringing *The Black Phone* Feature

Director Scott Derrickson returns to his terror roots and partners again with the foremost brand in the genre, Blumhouse, with a new horror thriller. Finney Shaw, a shy but clever 13-year-old boy, is abducted by a sadistic killer and trapped in a soundproof basement where screaming is of little use. When a disconnected phone on the wall begins to ring, Finney discovers that he can hear the voices of the killer’s previous victims. And they are dead set on making sure that what happened to them doesn’t happen to Finney.

Starring four-time Oscar® nominee Ethan Hawke in the most terrifying role of his career and introducing Mason Thames in his first ever film role, The Black Phone is produced, directed, and co-written by Scott Derrickson, the writer-director of Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Marvel’s Doctor Strange.

The film’s screenplay is by Derrickson & C. Robert Cargill (Doctor Strange, Sinister franchise), based on the award-winning short story by Joe Hill from his New York Times bestseller 20th Century Ghosts. The film is produced by Derrickson & Cargill’s Crooked Highway and presented by Universal and Blumhouse. Jason Blum, Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill are producers on the film, which is executive produced by Ryan Turek and Christopher H. Warner.

Action Thriller *American Night* Film

Art + Life = Chaos in Alessio Della Valle’s first feature film American Night.

Action thriller American Night is set in New York City’s corrupt contemporary art world, where art dealer John Kaplan and the ruthless head of New York’s mafia, Michael Rubino, fight for money, art, power and love.

Written and directed by Alessio Della Valle, American Night stars: Emile Hirsch (as Michael Rubino), Jonathan Rhys Meyers (as John Kaplan) and Paz Vega (as Sarah).

Saban Films has acquired North American rights to American Night ahead of its debut at the Venice Film Festival, with plans to release it in theaters this fall…

‘American Night’: Saban Films Nabs Thriller Starring Emile Hirsch, Jonathan Rhys Meyers & Paz Vega Ahead Of Venice Premiere

Erotic Thriller *The Voyeurs* Film

Curiosity is an aphrodisiac when a couple becomes dangerously obsessed with their neighbors’ lives, The Voyeurs will explore how human curiosity can feed desires, and ask how far are some people willing to go for just another peek.

Pippa (Sydney Sweeney) and Thomas (Justice Smith) move into their dream apartment, they notice that their windows look directly into the apartment opposite – inviting them to witness the volatile relationship of the attractive couple across the street. But when they attempt to anonymously intercede in their lives, they unwittingly sets in motion a chain of events that will lead to disaster.

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Now Boarding Kelly Gale *The Plane* Lionsgate

Lionsgate’s new action, adventure, thriller The Plane will star Kelly Gale, a renowned international fashion model, known for her work with Sports Illustrated, Victoria’s Secret and now a film with Gerard Butler.

The Plane centers on Ray Torrance (Gerard Butler), a commercial pilot who has just heroically landed a storm-damaged aircraft in hostile territory, subsequently finding himself threatened by militant pirates who are planning to take the plane and its passengers hostage. As the world’s authorities and media search for the disappeared aircraft, Torrance must rise to the occasion and keep his passengers safe long enough for help to arrive.

Newcomer Kelly Gale To Star With Gerard Butler In Lionsgate Thriller ‘The Plane’

Bella Thorne Is A Street Smart Party Girl With A *Habit* Trailer

A street smart party girl and her sexy friends get mixed up in a violent drug deal and finds a possible way out by masquerading as a nuns to hide out from an angry LA drug lord.

The action begins as LA party girl Mads (Bella Thorne) gets a gig running drugs for Eric (Gavin Rossdale), a washed-up Hollywood star. When their cash gets stolen and Eric is slain by a rival drug lord, Mads and her two sexy BFFs hide out by dressing up as nuns. But in spite of their costumes, these bad girls are no angels…

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How Far Would You Go To Build A New Life? *Settlers*

Mankind’s earliest settlers on the Martian frontier do what they must to survive the cosmic elements and each other in this science-fiction thrill ride coming soon from IFC Films.

On a remote homestead on the Martian frontier, a refugee family from Earth clings to hope for a better life. But when strangers appear in the surrounding hills and attempt to run them off…

Settlers stars: Sofia Boutella, Jonny Lee Miller and Brooklynn Prince, Directed by Wyatt Rockefeller.

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Gal Gadot ‘Heart Of Stone’ Spy Thriller

Deadline – December 2, 2020 at 02:38PM:

In an 8-figure deal that puts her at the upper levels of the actress salary scale, Gal Gadot has been set to star in Heart Of Stone, an original international spy thriller hatched by Skydance Media that endeavors to put a female spin on action franchises like Mission: Impossible and 007.

Skydance Media Sets Gal Gadot To Star In ‘Heart Of Stone,’ Original Spy Franchise In Mold Of ‘Mission: Impossible’ & 007

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Cara Gee, Mpho Koaho ‘Levels’ Sci-Fi Thriller

Deadline – November 16, 2020 at 1:07PM:

Cara Gee and Mpho Koaho are set to star in the forthcoming sci-fi thriller ‘Levels’ written and directed by Adam Stern. Principal photography is slated to begin in 2021.

‘Levels’ explores “the nature of our existence.” After witnessing the murder of his girlfriend, Joe risks everything to discover the truth about her death…

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers ‘Ambush’ Action Thriller

Variety – November 10, 2020 at 09:10AM:

Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Connor Paolo will co-star in the upcoming action thriller “Ambush,” starring Aaron Eckhart and Jason Genao with production scheduled to start at the end of November. “Ambush” is based on the true story of a deadly high-stakes subterranean mission into enemy controlled territory during the Vietnam War.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Joins Aaron Eckhart in Action-Thriller ‘Ambush’

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